JobTech Launches Asia’s First AI Recruitment Engine To Revolutionise Talent Acquisition



SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 6 April 2018 – JobTech Pte Ltd (JobTech), Asia’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics Company, today announced the launch of its JobTech Employer platform, at a joint event with AI Singapore, held at the National University of Singapore. AI Singapore is a national program, set up to enhance Singapore’s AI capabilities to power Singapore’s future digital economy.

JobTech Employer is an automated cloud-based Human Resource Technology platform. It will help JobTech’s more than 300 enterprise users connect with over 50,000 active jobseekers, leveraging a dynamic skills map built up from JobTech’s database of more than 150 million jobs around Asia.

Here’s how JobTech Employer works:

  • Job postings are automatically matched against JobTech’s candidate database of over 50,000 active jobseekers for skills and experience fit;
  • Suitable jobseekers are verified automatically for their interest in the job before they are recommended to the employer;
  • Employers are alerted of candidate recommendations that have been vetted for both quality and interest;
  • Employers connect with their selected candidates directly by purchasing their contact information through JobTech Pay, a seamless and secure online payment system. JobTech is targeting to price candidate contact information at a mere fraction of traditional costs of hiring;
  • No hidden recruitment or placement fees

The dynamic skills map, which is powered by AI and Big Data Analytics, continues to expand and improve as hundreds of thousands of new job postings are fed through its AI neural network every day. Skills are automatically clustered to show where and how well they connect. Consequently, this means that the AI is constantly enhancing its ability to match job requirements and candidate profiles with increasing scale, speed and accuracy.

“JobTech Employer has made it easier and faster for us to review the pool of quality talents who could support our growing business,” said Ms Lavanya Karthikeyan, Business Development & In-house Legal at PBA. “I’m impressed by the pro-activity and agility of the JobTech team to tweak their platform to cater to the evolving and niche needs of a technology company like us. They were able to recommend a diverse pool of candidates for various positions in Engineering, Human Resource and Business Development. PBA is hence keen to collaborate with JobTech further to scale up our talent strategy.”

Ms Alice Goh, Vice-President, Finance at Dornier MedTech GmbH added, “We are happy with the turnaround time it took for JobTech to provide two candidates for our Finance Manager position. We shortlisted one of them for an interview and are extremely impressed with the profile in terms of his qualification and experience, as well as his personality which resonates well with our company culture. Compared to our traditional recruitment method, JobTech’s hiring solution is truly remarkable – it has helped us to save more than ten thousand dollars in placing this position.”

In its beta launch phase, JobTech Employer is offering free JobTech Pay credits for all verified Singapore employers, in a bid to radically help companies leverage AI and Big Data technology to address their Digital Economy talent and skills shortages, whilst driving down their hiring and recruitment costs significantly.

JobTech Chairman Mr Philip Yeo explained, “Singapore companies have been fretting about talent and skills shortages affecting their ability to grow and transform in a digital economy. At the same time, they have been burdened by heavy recruitment costs, and this is affecting Singapore’s competitiveness. In the same way that ride-sharing applications have changed transportation in Singapore, JobTech Employer is aiming to do the same in the recruitment sector. We want to help all companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), increase their access to the right talent with the right skills to help grow their businesses.”

To help address skills shortages in critical areas, JobTech has been producing free jobs reports for key industries. These reports identify and predict job roles and skillsets that are highly sought by employers, as part of its mission to help people find jobs that are better matched for them. JobTech also provides labor market analytics solutions that are used to inform career planning and development decisions to governments, unions, institutions of higher learning and companies.

 About JobTech

JobTech is Singapore’s leading Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics start-up that provides optimised job matching tools and real-time labour market intelligence. Our core technology is the result of 10 years of research and development by top machine learning experts and data scientists. This drives our ability to analyse more than 1 million job postings every day, providing complete and accurate visibility of online jobs markets around the world.

JobTech serves a multitude of customers. For employers, we provide candidates that have been vetted for quality and interest. For job seekers, we provide a platform where they can find jobs across thousands of sources. For businesses, financial institutions, the government, recruiters and consultancy firms, we provide information on hiring trends that they use to inform policies and guide business decisions.

JobTech is driven by a desire to change the labour market for the better. In the area of job matching, we have made it our mission to find the right match between people and jobs more efficiently, and continually build products and solutions that enhance human resource productivity.

Its employer platform can be accessed at



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